AceCube Stationary Variations

The AceCube Stationary Range features four stacking corners, a primary hatch lid and a fully integrated forklift base frame. This two-tier component tank system is comprised of a main outer tank and a primary removable inner tank with an integrated cover plate.

AceCube Stationary Range

AceCube Stationary

Sizes: 118G to 528G

The AceCube Stationary tank range also features a spacious equipment compartment that allows for the secure storage of electric pumps, filters, retractable hose reels, and dispensing nozzles, all of which are supplied by DyMac Global.

The bespoke design is available in three sizes (450 litres, 950 litres, 2000 litres) and is suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries. The AceCube Stationary’s innovative and cutting edge design makes it the only option for key decision makers across the fuel distributionequipment rentalsminingoil and gas, and military organisations worldwide.

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