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The AceCube Aviation features galvanized stacking corners and have primary and secondary galvanized hatch lids. First created in 2007 the elegant three-tier component design is comprised of a main outer lid, a primary inner tank, and an outer protection/ bund tank.

AceCube Aviation ACA-250G

AceCube Aviation

AceCube Aviation ACA-528G

AceCube Aviation

AceCube Aviation ACA-792G

AceCube Aviation

AceCube Aviation ACA-1188G

AceCube Aviation

The AceCube Aviation range features a spacious and easily accessible equipment chamber. This allows for the secure storage of pumps, filters, hose reels, and dispensing nozzles. All of which are available from DyMac Global Ltd.

The class leading design is available in (250 to 1188 Gallons) and is suitable for individual light aircraft and helicopter owners to private and small commercial airports. The ACA range has been approved by leading test laboratories for transporting when full of fuel in Europe and comes with UN31A/Y,UL 142, ULC S601-14 approvals. The ACA range comes with UN31A/Y, UL 142, ULC S601-14 and is approved for transporting when full in the USA and Canada.

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